A home care business

The service offered by a home care business is to provide support from a qualified carer for people in their own home.

For a franchise owner, running a home care business involves many roles focused on business management and marketing.


Establishing your home care business

As you become established, it is possible to operate from home, subject to approval from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). But, you will have to occupy a self-contained office space as soon as you can to enable your business to grow.

Radfield Home Care Managers


Employing a Care Manager

The first critical role in your business is a care manager for daily operations and administration in the office.

Some franchise partners with care industry experience begin their business operating as the care manager whilst developing their business. However, your full-time role is to be focused on developing and marketing the business and within six months a care manager will be in place.


Your initial focus will be:

  • Networking with referral sources
  • Marketing the service
  • Recruiting and training a quality care team
  • Managing finances


Radfield Home Care Carers

Building a trusted team of carers

Your key employees are your carers. Your franchise will be based on the quality of care you can offer, so the recruitment and training of your care team are vital to the success of your business.

A key barrier to growing a home care business is the quality of your care team. We ensure that your territory is mapped not only for your potential market but also carefully planned so that you have a large enough resource pool to recruit your vital care staff.


The franchise partner's role

As your team grows, your role will adapt to lead and develop the business:

  • Managing your team.
  • Being established and prominent in the community.
  • Promoting the business.
  • Networking with referral sources such as GPs, nurses and charities.
  • Managing finances and growth.

As a franchise partner, you don’t need experience in home care but you do need lots of energy and business acumen.


A challenging and rewarding business

  • Every day will be different and challenging in the running of your home care business. You will not be stuck behind a desk all day or facing any dull repetition.
  • You will be mentoring your team of people to achieve the high standard of care required and you will be helping to develop their careers.
  • You will be a respected part of the local community, offering a valuable service with the responsibility that entails.
  • You can be creative, having ideas to promote your business in unique and effective ways.
  • You can challenge your business acumen, creating an efficiently run franchise making substantial profits.
  • You can have the deep satisfaction that comes from growing a business to success and knowing that you are offering a vital service that changes lives.

To establish a business involves hard work and confidence. We recommend that before anyone applies for a Radfield franchise territory, that they consider what it takes to be a successful franchise partner.