About Radfield Home Care

 Radfield Home Care is a family owned company run by Dr Hannah MacKechnie and her brother, Alex Green. 

Radfield started out as a Residential Home in Shrewsbury in 1982 and was a small, friendly care home which was highly regarded in the local community. Hannah and Alex grew up living in the home alongside the residents and therefore have a unique insight into how proper care should be provided and the individual needs of older people.

This ethos and understanding underpins Radfield Home Care and we strive to bring our clients the same quality of care into their own homes.


bfa HSBC Emerging Franchisor of the Year 2019

Emerging Franchisor of the Year 2019

Thanks to its  commitment to ethical franchising, outstanding franchise  support and training, and proven, established and rewarding business model, Radfield Home Care woas crowned bfa HSBC Emerging Franchisor of the Year in 2019.   The accolade is one of UK franchising's most sought after awards at the prestigious British Franchise Association Franchisor Awards and is judged by the UK's voice of ethical franchising, the British Franchise Association; leading franchise banking partner, HSBC; and  specially selected franchise representatives.

The awards is one of franchising's most highly respected accreditations, reassuring franchise partners that Radfield Home Care's franchise opportunity provides a rewarding, succesful and supportive  business opportunity.


Our Core Values

We created  our company Core Values to reflect the importance of building strong relationships with both our Clients and Carers.

 We are a Family   | At Radfield Home Care we care about all of our people, and believe passionately that by treating our carers as a trusted family we can  empower   them to treat our clients with the same warmth and respect.

We are Proud to Care   |   We’re   proud to stand out for the right reasons, to help each and every one of our people reach their potential, and   we’re   proud of the fact that at Radfield, we’re always pushing for the very best.

We  are on Your Side | We believe  in   looking after people and empowering them to live their own unique lives to the full. We understand, listen and act as caring advocates, upholding wishes and ensure wellbeing .


The Meaning  of our Logo

Radfield Home Care Franchising

We have put a lot of thought behind the Radfield Home Care logo as we wanted it to represent  all the elements of our business  but also be eye catching and a warm and friendly image that people can easily identify with and relate to. 

The reason that we chose a lotus flower as our logo is because it grows in the dark and then emerges in the light as a beautiful flower and is often taken to symbolise people's struggles through adversity and into a better place. This, we feel, can be used to describe the benefit that our care services can have on our clients, who may have been struggling for a long time on their own before they began receiving care which can open up a whole new world of independence that they  did not think they would achieve again.

The outer blue petals of our logo represent our franchise partners, office and management teams creating the structure of Radfield Home Care, the pink petals represent our carers and the central green petal represents our clients who are at the heart of what we do every day.

Our mission statement of Exceptional Care by Exceptional People is at the core of our business model and represents  the quality care we provide to our clients with respected and empowered carers.


Industry-leading systems and procedures…

Our successful business model has been proven over ten years, across four company owned branches, allowing all systems and procedures to be fully tried, tested and embedded. These branches also provide an ongoing platform for service research and development, meaning Radfield Home Care operates with some of the most advanced systems.

Using the latest in digital technology, Radfield’s industry leading cloud based staff management and care planning software ensure you can operate a profitable and future-proofed business, with client safety at the heart of your operations. Whilst the latest marketing, mapping and visibility systems even make sure your business will appear not just in Google searches, but even in the sat nav in your car; making sure you are easily found and contactable by both staff and the families of those in need of care and support.

All these systems are part of the Radfield Home Care franchise, allowing franchise partners to set-up from day one with the benefit of advanced technology that will help them grow and manage their business efficiently and controllably.