How it works

How it works


What is the core business?

Home care is a service offering support to people in their own home, so that they can maintain independence and quality of life as they grow older.

A qualified and specially trained carer visits a person in their home, starting from a basic service of shopping and companionship, through to full-time care for specialist conditions such as Parkinson’s, dementia, multiple sclerosis and palliative care.

Aside from financial, the real rewards to be gained from operating a home care business are to be found in knowing that you are making a difference to the lives of vulnerable people who need care.

To be successful, a sincere desire to improve the lives of the elderly is required.

A Home Care business


Why is the home care sector such a good opportunity?

Both an ageing population and increased life expectancy is fuelling unprecedented growth for a demand in services to facilitate their care. By 2024, the over 65 age group is expected to be over 20 percent – almost one-in-four of the population. Current social services cannot meet these demands.

the home care market


Do I need a background in care?

You do not need experience within the care industry to establish a Radfield home care franchise. What you do need is an entrepreneurial spirit, confidence and the energy to establish your business.

Your role as a Radfield franchise partner is to develop the business, to build and manage your team, to network and market the business, and to manage financial performance using good business acumen.

what it takes to be a franchise partner


What our franchise offers to you:

  • The opportunity to build a profitable and rewarding business that can transform your life and create financial security.
  • You will be operating under our respected and award-winning brand.
  • A dedicated territory with a population of at least 115,000 and a minimum of 35,000 people over the age of 60, carefully mapped for an optimum client base and the recruitment of key staff.
  • From the minute you start, you will receive our highest standard of training and we will be by your side sharing our expertise and support as you develop and grow.
  • Our proven process and experience will guide you and we will be there through challenges and successes as you build your home care franchise.
  • The deep satisfaction that comes from making a real difference to people’s lives and from being a respected and committed part of your community.

the franchise package


Healthy financial returns

An established Radfield Home Care franchise can expect gross profit of approximately £100,000, with much higher returns also feasible  as you continue to grow and develop.

Through experience and performance of other territories, we can offer the following projections as a guide for anticipated trading levels and potential returns you can expect on your investment.

investment returns