Your investment & returns

Radfield Home Care spent eight years developing multiple company owned branches. This experience means, as a franchisor, we have already experienced and overcome the trials and tribulations of operating a home care business, thus creating a franchise model that has been tested well beyond the traditional single-office pilot scheme many franchises are based on.

To help you develop a profitable business, Radfield Home Care’s franchisors and support team will share this experience with you; enabling you to successfully craft a rewarding and achievable business plan fit for your local territory, circumstance and projections.

We also have working relationships with some of the UK’s biggest high street banks that will lend up to 70% of your total investment, including HSBC, Lloyds, Barclays and Natwest.

Your investment and breakeven

The Radfield Home Care franchise opportunity  requires a total investment in the region of £90,000. Working with our banking partners,  you would require a minimum personal capital of circa £27,000 and the banks would be able to finance  the remainder.

You can expect to achieve cashflow breakeven within 12 months.

Initial Investment franchise fee infograph 2 


Earnings and profit

Through experience and performance of other territories, we anticipate you can expect the following trading levels and potential returns on your investment*.

Average trading levels to be expected: 

 Radfield Branch Performance and Profitability Trading Levels


Pre-tax profit is calculated from revenue (turnover) minus overheads and franchise costs.

The ongoing franchise fee is set at 5% and National Marketing Levy is set at 1% of your revenue.

All figures are excluding VAT. 


Opportunities to scale and diversify

Once your franchise is operating successfully, then you may want to expand. Some of our franchise partners choose to buy additional territories or there is the option to train other franchise partners for an additional revenue stream.

The over-65 age group is a rapidly growing sector and is expected to reach over 20% of the population by 2024. Positioned to service this demographic, Radfield franchise partners will benefit from the rise in the ageing population

Although Radfield's focus on delivering care to the elderly, there is also the potential to expand through other age groups who need care in your community. Such as, people with learning disabilities, children with chronic illness and people who need palliative and end-of-life care.


All projected figures use our business experience, market research and financial history from operating  branches. They only provide a demonstration of the levels of business that can be achieved. The figures are not intended as a representation, warranty or guarantee.


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