BBC Radio 4 drama highlights benefits of Radfield Home Care’s private business model

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A recently broadcast drama on BBC Radio 4 shone the spotlight on the dangers of ‘undignified’ 15 minute care calls still provided by a number of local authority care services.

Inspired by the experiences of care worker, Caroline Firmin, Flying Visits provided listeners an insight into the difficulties of providing the complex care requirements of elderly clients and vulnerable people in such a short period of time.

With one-in-five local authorities still commissioning quarter of an hour care calls in England and Wales, many clients are left receiving poor quality care services on a daily basis. In contrast, clients opting to receive private home care services, such as those provided by Radfield Home Care’s franchise partners, benefit from client-first, high quality care calls of one-hour upwards.

The benefits of one-hour care services are much greater than just sufficient time to complete essential tasks, they also provide clients with mental health and socialisation benefits that are essential to a clients well-being and long term health: “We aim to provide all of our clients with the services that they require and in addition we place a great emphasis on their overall wellbeing”, explains Radfield Home Care franchisor and founder, Dr Hannah MacKechnie. “Often, a carer may provide the only human interaction a client has all day, so it is vitally important we provide sufficient time for carers to truly engage, stimulate and actually hold a conversation with clients. Human interaction is essential to anyone’s well-being and without it, people’s physical and mental health can soon deteriorate."

“Many local authority services are so financially stretched that they cannot afford the time to provide this basic interaction. However, we have found that it significantly contributes to the stability of clients’ health, reducing the likelihood of hospital admissions and meaning they can continue to receive care within their own home for much longer. As a result, they do not have to relocate to a residential or nursing home, which can be extremely distressing in itself.”

“Beyond this though, our services are not just in place to provide care, they are in place to enable people to maintain quality of life. By putting the client at the centre of the decision making and enabling sufficient time to fulfil their needs, means clients are happier and they choose to continue using our services for longer.”

As well as allowing for a higher service quality, private home care services also help alleviate the pressure on local authorities that are receiving thousands of requests for social care each year, but with ever tightening budgets, are unable to meet the demand.

Radfield Home Care has spent over 11 years delivering private care services to older people, and over the last two and a half years has developed a network of franchise partners providing the same services in their local communities across the UK. Franchise partners come from a variety of professional backgrounds, but have often experienced low-quality care provision for a relative or understand the rising demand for private care services to help the sector move away from fifteen minute calls and low quality care services.

Dave Bellis operates Radfield Home Care’s franchise in Liverpool North and his personal experiences with the sector are what drove him to launch his own private home care business: “My parents have been in care for a number of years, so I have been heavily involved with sourcing home care providers. When I met Radfield, their family values were something that just really seemed to fit. As a result, I decided Radfield Home Care was the franchise for me.”

“Being an accountant has helped me keep an eye on the figures and keep organised. However, you have to go into this knowing it is more than just a business. The most important thing in this sector is providing great care to all our clients.”

In the audio clip below, Radfield Home Care Richmond, Kingston & Hounslow franchise partner, Shamsah Lalji discusses the importance of well-being and the client-focussed approach that private home care services enable during a recent appearance on Kingston Hospital Radio.

Throughout the UK, Radfield Home Care identified various opportunities with scope and demand for its quality focussed private marketplace. To enable this, it is now accepting applications from those interested in finding out more about improving the care provision within their local communities, whilst operating a rewarding business.

To apply, you can contact Radfield’s franchise recruitment manager, Ed Gill on 01743 548 550 or visit www.radfieldhomecarefranchising.co.uk. Alternatively, you can secure your place on an upcoming Franchise Discovery Day at www.radfieldhomecarefranchising.co.uk/discovery-days.

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