Your Training Programme

Radfield Home Care Limited provides Franchisees with a comprehensive training programme designed to ensure that every new Franchisee gains the certification, knowledge and understanding needed to establish, successfully market and develop their Radfield Home Care business.

Radfield Home Care is all about people and relationships – it is what we do best. That is why the support that we offer to our franchisees will be the best. Our franchisees are our business partners and we will work together to achieve mutual success.

To get you started, Radfield Home Care will provide a comprehensive three-part training programme, launch marketing, field support, branded uniforms, DBS checks for members of staff, software solutions set up costs and your first year of HR and health and safety support and related insurance.

The three part training programme consists of a Certification Training Course, a Franchise Business Management Course and up to 10 days of Completion Training at your own location as your business launches.

Training meeting with new franchisees

The Radfield Franchise training programme is delivered by members of the management team with first-hand experience of running the business. Some of the many topics covered include how to identify and hire the right care staff, how to attract clients to your business, setting up your office and team structure, compliance and care legislation, understanding the home care marketplace, financial management of the business and tools to monitor progress.

The training courses are supported with comprehensive learning materials that you can take away with you to refer back to when you wish.

We will work with you to create your five year business plan so that you can identify and work towards your business goals from the outset which will help you realise the full potential of your Radfield Home Care business.

With the comprehensive training on offer you will be well equipped to set your business off in the right direction. However we don't believe that training stops there - we will always be investing in the training of our franchise network and offering new courses, training updates and new guidance as best practice or legislation changes within the sector.