IT Solutions

 We partner with the latest technology solutions in home care to ensure that we can support our Franchisees to run the most cost effective service possible which allows more time to devote to the growth of their business and not just the running of it.

You will receive full training in how to use these systems and in how to use the data captured to improve your business.

We have cloud based solutions to assist you with rostering your clients care calls and rotas for staff. From this system you can generate client invoices and wagesheets for staff.

smartphonesWe also use an innovative new system which allows care workers to view care plans and medication to be administered on their mobile phones. They can then document their care notes onto the system and that information is relayed back to the office straight away. This means that risks within the business are minimised as the office can monitor care delivery in real time and intervene if required to ensure safe, consistent care delivery.

We have also devised a portal which all our franchisees will have access to and this holds a wealth of information and resourses to support them day to day.

All of our franchisees will be given their own suite of pages on our website. You can see what this looks like by visiting one of our branch locations and viewing all of the pages of content that they have specifically for their territory. Our website has been built based on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practise and we have our own in house SEO and marketing expertise so you can be assured that your web pages will be performing as well as possible.